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HI guys, I’m new to the site so i’d like to begin by saying an enormous Hello to anyone!!
Ok so here’s my question.

Where can I get a free slideshow to get my site that truly works I’d like it becoming a embeded code.
Also the website is hosted on a free server and also I dont have having a FTP as well as anything such similar to. Its basic and self-explanatory, the HTML pages are simply just typed into this HTML pagtes management saved then posted. So no need to upload anything towards server. I have tried the slideshow presented from photobucket but actually their styles of slideshows won’t suit the web page.
The website may be for a Paranormal Study Team.
You could kind of say im trying to find something thats simple to use (add the photo’s via URL or upload them into a site that tends to make slideshows) and straightforward enough to change the style in the event needs be.

Just about any help is appreciated.

Many thanks

PK Cymru

I don’t think you will get a slideshow along with just HTML. You as a minimum need to apply CSS, and then JavaScript or jQuery to generate it better. Might be there’s a plug-in with regard to whatever server you will be using

What are an individual using anyway I’ve never got word of one that you choose and type in WEB CODING and can’t utilize FTP.

Hi George, I’m utilizing forumotions, when you log within their admin panel you are able to creat html pages and still have a URL point at it. All it is, is a uncomplicated form I type the Html document into and hit submit then the actual pages are reside. Granted its almost nothing flashy or tremendous cool but the simple and zero cost and imo simple to use, free of ads and basically all I will need.

Have people tried the Flickr one

http: //flickrslidr. com/

Hi Leen, I did try a Flickr one but for reasons uknown I could not get the embed code to operate. Im going to own another look with it though thats undoubtably (probably an miscalculation on my part)

You may obviously need any flickr account 1st, and you will likely need to have the graphics uploaded to reddit. I figured WHEN I should mention which!

lol instant messaging not that daft… I do have an account and all the pictures have been loaded but when i applied the embed code into the site it just simply wouldnt show ” up “, all that was there is a blank living space

Well, I’m sorry I can; t assist you with the slideshow, but if you want a free server this is a good one. No adverts or anything, great uptime and, obviously, supports FTP. You could have sooo much much more control over pages when you make them you! I think it must be pretty easy so that you can transfer.
Just throwing it on the market!

You mean this particular site that we have been posting on I used to be unaware that I could make a site through this site. How do I attempt doing this can include worth my whilst checking it available

Sorry I forgot to provide a hyperlink into the word " this" ahead of I posted. People sure reply rapid!
I meant to write this.

Ahh okay… yeah im only sat here chilling before I go out for a walk considering the dog lol

Cool It’s worth looking at then

Stunning! Thanks you completely!

Yeah, you are clearly being limited by what Forummotions (or no matter what the name is) allows you to do, you could be better off moving into a host that offers more options for instance George mentioned. Additionally , there are low cost contains that allow an individual more control, just like the one in my signature!

Stunning! Finally, Peter, Egon, Winston and Ray get their unique website! THERE IS ACTUALLY NO DANA, EXCLUSIVELY ZUUL. (Come with, someone out generally there besides me needed read that and also thought that. )

Okay, on to that question. The best thing I will suggest for you that might help is usually to integrate some sort of jQuery for the particular slideshow. You can generally do a lot with it and also building a slideshow is pretty quick along with painless. The question I have in turn is usually… how good of your Javascript coder have you been

Sorry – didn’t ensure until this day.
I became asleep – several feet above this covers.

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