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I am racking your brains on how to set up a web page which has a built in audio player so the user simply sees a have fun with button which immediately begins to experiment with an assigned acustic file without whatever being downloaded and with virtually no application on the actual users computer working.
I’m in search of a free method that just does the position and looks wise, preferably just an effective triangle play icon and nothing a lot more.
Any suggestions appreciated.

so far as i know, the user might need to have something set up like flash, quicktime for example.

please, anyone correct me only am wrong on this subject.

You can use the embed tag that can put the music while in the background of your blog and such as

< add src=" yourmusicfile. wav" width=" 0" height=" 0" > < /embed> 

this will put a plugin against your page but since width and length are 0 there will be nothing. if you want the scrub bar showing up you need to adjust the elevation and width from the tag this way that shows that bar pretty well if it’s a. wav file

< add src=" yourmusicfile. wav" width=" 324" height=" 17" > < /embed> 

now i’m certainly not 100% sure on this but i believe the file extension effects the display of the bar since that each file extension requires an alternative browser plugin so say if you are file is any. wma then the particular scrub bar could possibly have a different glimpse thus needing different deminsions
expect i helped

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