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We’ve a client that really wants to embedd his Vimeo video on their site… no problem. He wants the actual video to auto-magically start playing when the website is opened… PROBLEM. At least it is a problem for me. Is there how to do that I’m just not simply because as an alternative setting.

Not sure if you experience an option regarding " autoplay " about the embed script from YouTube… Don’t think there’s…

Question though Numerous businesses are banning YouTube from their networks together with any streaming video clip elements… If your client was in the B2B current market… They may ought to be made aware of this…

Once they have the authentic video… You may convert to swf video.. Then embed with all the auto play started… There is also software that should pull a message from you tube and convert this…

This option increase your servers bandwidth requirements… ‘just so you realize

I’m not intending to be a ‘wise-guy’ here, but did that you try to find that on YouTube
http: //www. facebook. com/resultssearch_query=Autoplay for embedded Vimeo videos& aq=f


Duh, that was a great proposition mlseim! I went from hmm in order to panic mode within 2. 1 secs ripped. Never thought to find " automode" there. The client sells product to musicians around the globe and this is actually what his advertising team is recommending he have upon his site. We have had swf records on his web page, but he wants to eradicate those and mainline instantly into youtube. Thanks for any " head-slap. "

Used to do make this breakthrough discovery… Add this towards src code: & rev; autoplay=1
It does work.

Just a term – if he has targeting musicians seeing that clients – it truly is quite probable that will have them listening to music while they’re online. I know I do, and I’m not even a musician.

There’s almost nothing that makes me click off from a site faster than if it starts playing something automatically. It competes with what I am listening to, which is an enormous annoyance.

You might want to discuss this in your client – it’s important that they keep in mind that while they own the website, it really is being created for their clients.

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