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Hi All,
These may be silly questions yet;
A SINGLE. Can you add third-party forums into your website (i. at the. Could I create directories inside a website like mysite. com/forum/xyz and also embed a online community from company xyz plus another directory including mysite. com/forum/abc and embed a forum out of company abc within by myself website)
3. Can you likewise embed blogs from a similar fashion (i. at the. mysite. com/blog/xyz together with blog embeded by company xyz as well as mysite. com/blog/abc with web log embeded from company abc within by myself website)
3 OR MORE. If the previously mentioned two items can be achieved, would the discussion boards and blogs often be updated automatically at mysite. com if new blogs or community posts were included in the original sites
SOME. Assuming it is possible, can anyone ideas how or point me within the right direction that will research this or even engage someone to undertake it for me personally

1. Small answer: yes.
3. Yes.
3 OR MORE. Definitely doable.
SOME. www. vbulletin. com

Thanks for your reply Wired. Will i ask one alternative question, was vBulletin one suggestion of many options on the market or is (in your opinion) ‘the best’ solution for accomplishing this

You’re asking for a content aggregator vBulletin doesn’t let that happen. You’ll have to try and do something custom.

Uncertain if the various other forum software in existence can do it, but some might be capable to.

Steve, you are able to fuel forums via RSS feeds.

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