Empty Space?

Website showcased: http: //shovenose. com/
As possible see, why are each of the pages still big even when it only has 1 distinct content
Many thanks.


  1. width: 980px;
  2. height: auto;
  3. float: still left;
  4. padding: 10px;
  5. background-color: #1977B0;

You get min-height set, just remove that line also it will scale to the content.

I used to be about to say that Ganners…

I thought it was min-height but I still did not notice it inside left2 div. Thanks for any help!!!

Work with Chrome’s ‘inspect element’. It highlights everything regarding ya.

We have a hatred out of Chrome. so not any

I’d always be lost without chrome’s examine element. Alternatively find firebug for firefox! Saves All his time on things much like this.

Firebug fails in FF8

https: //addons. mozilla. org/en-US/firefox/addon/firebug/

Theres any version out regarding Firefox 8. 0 by using Firebug 1. 9a0

Does it not be right for you

This add-on is not updated to seek advise from your version involving Firefox.

Which is odd. Won’t be long until the working version can be release I guess. I’ll stick along with 6. 0 for the moment then! Prefer chrome anyway for it, a bit simpler to work with.

To every single his own…

How must anyone hate chrome There is certainly literally nothing terrible I’ve found about it.

Shove dude, the issues you’ll need to get over is as a webdesigner, whether you wish a program or not its always good to check on and double check out your work in it. Currently I have Firefox 6 using firebug, Opera, Net explorer 6, SEVERAL, 8 and BEING UNFAITHFUL and Google Chrome set up on my machine. After I style websites or in the deal of designing web pages I check to guarantee it works to all browsers, even basically know for true that I know its visiting work.

As a acquired web designer It is advisable to look at programs which you don’t particularly similar to. I HATE Online Explorer (as should most webdevs) as well as i dislike Opera, but We have them installed for the debugging factor.

Its impossible to be closed minded with regards to web design and only stay with something like firefox, as around 60 odd per cent of users even now use Internet Explorer (although it’s dramatically decreasing)

Also you said you will have Firefox 8 It is advisable to remove that and also install the published version which presently is 6, mainly because 8-10 (Googled it along with found no real information on it) would still be under alpha advancement and wouldn’t always be fit for futureproofing net designs with.

You shouldn’t be insulted by just what exactly I said, it wasn’t my intention but you gotta realise that being close-minded under an internet dev training set up is not a very important thing.


There’s really no point to FF8, in addition to to say that you have FF8.

Lol. We have Chrome, Opera, Safari, Net Explorer, and Maxthon in my computer

POST use Firefox EIGHT " Aurora" because it’s very intense…

As quickly as… Google chrome

More quickly.

You don’t really need to be faster when compared with Chrome
Especially if you’re sacrificing features

Yes I do. I’m incredibly impatient.

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