Entrance Page…Not Splashy

I would like to make your entrance page pertaining to my site where people must click to type in.

I know a great way to do it might be to make the page and phone it index after which call my actual webpage something else in addition to index.

The condition is, the site has already been built and this kind of entrance page is definitely after thought. I don’t would like to change the name with the index and then ought to change the many links to it.

Any help would be very appreciated.

My official answer:
Never make an entry (splash) page.

It is possible to purpose of it In making them click a good time to discover your website
Only had to click via a splash page all the time I visited this page, I would often be mad.


Nonetheless to answer your own question anyhow, that can be done it using PHP.

It will eventually require some PHP in addition to. htaccess knowledge.
What’s your experience by using programming

The point of it really is to offer profits promotions. I wouldn’t go up at all times but sometimes i would like to use the idea to alerts customers of your deal we have happening. The page might give two options, click and find out more or click to go into the true site.

Portlandtimbers. com does this quite often (but not in the moment) to give people the opportunity to buy exclusive priced tickets in the season.

The only PHP knowledge We have is fiddling all around with wordpress templates but Love it if more don’t know significantly. And I don’t know what. htaccess is actually.

We have no education within programming. I just figure things out because I go but this one stumped me. We have built a number of html websites employing dreamweaver, a joomla website, a wordpress site andf the other flash site.

I assume your own existing main page is named " index. html"… is the fact that correct

Also, in your primary directory, is there a current file called ". htaccess"


Certainly, My Main web site is " catalog. html"

nonetheless No, I lack a ". htaccess" report.


So open-up notepad along with put this line within your new text file… then save-as. htaccess

AddType application/x-httpd-php. html page. htm

Upload that for a main directory, and then view your web site to make
positive all pages nonetheless work. If all looks normal, i want to know (for another step).
In the event any pages accident, or things crash, simply remove the actual. htaccess file.

I want to know if elements look OK… then we’ll head over to the next move.


Didn’t work. It gifted this Error information:

< < < > > >
Central Server Error

The server came across an internal mistake or misconfiguration and was struggle to complete your require.
Please contact the device administrator, supportsupportwebsite. com and inform them of that time period the error transpired, and anything it’s likely you have done that might have caused the miscalculation.

More info . about this error can be available in the actual server error sign.

Apache/1. SEVERAL. 33 Server at idahosbest. biz Port 80
< < < > > >

As soon as saving the report from notebook, post choose these settings:
Report name:. htaccess
Conserve as type: All Files
Encoding: Unicode

Is niagra your webhost
http: //www. idahosbest. biz/about. html

It looks for instance they are a service that just helps you have one webpage
to show your business If so, they won’t help you use any scripting (my guess).
You’ll need to get a " real" hosting company.


Now it just downloads the page instead of going to any in the pages on the webpage.

POST use Godaddy.

Do that simple test…

Duplicate the code down below, paste into notepad… conserve as " experiment. php", and add it.
Then go the actual the file together with your URL and decide if it works.


< php
"The  year  is  $year. ";

It needs to be a blank page with the sentence: The year or so is 2010.

By using GoDaddy… only utilize this one line within your. htaccess (I think it will eventually work now).

AddHandler x-httpd-php. html page. htm

See unless you get any errors plus your site displays while normal.

Used to do the one liner but it worked!

SO… one more experiment….

Amenable your " catalog. html" file and where you almost certainly have a copyright night out,
or to the bottom of your own webpage add this towards your HTML code…

Copyright through my company… blah blah

Upload that change and then view your " catalog. html" and decide if 2010 appears regarding date.

Well then , i’ll know.


Worked like a Champ!


You already have a splash web site created
It is possible to name of in which page

I’m creating a quick one.
I’ll call it deal. html

You will be inserting some PHP computer code directly above the primary line of your current < html…. > tag.

So, open the " catalog. html" file, and insert this code in the very top… over your
existing Html page… save it while " index. html" in addition to upload it.

copy and paste this towards top of " catalog. html"…


< php
//  Check  to  see  if  a  session  is  currently  productive.
//  User  already  saw  the  splash  page,   so  do  nothing  here ...
//  simply  drop-through  and  display  your  main  page.
//  The  session  will  expire  when  the  user  closes  their  cell phone browser,
//  and  then  they'll  see  the  spash  page  again  the  next  time  they  visit.

//  User  is  here  for  the  first  occasion,   so  display  the  splash  page ...
header  ("location:   deal. html");


Put this code in the very top of one’s " deal. html" page, above your prevailing HTML,
conserve it, and add it. Somewhere within your splash page, have a very link to nearby, like:
< any href=" index. html" > Close and resume main page< /a>

copy and paste this towards top of " deal. html"…


< php
//  Start  a  session  so  the  user  won't&nbs

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