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I’m an Explorer preparation to launch on a historic expedition. I’m seeking someone/group that would would like doing the website design in exchange for sponsorship throughout my expedition.

There will be cutting-edge technologies (programming being provided by another group) with the website, and the web page will garner a lot of of attention based on these new ‘capabilities’.

Substantial exposure, my very last big expedition achieved 100+ million persons worldwide. I’m seen on the many major news stores, and press/exposure for my expeditions very last years. For the correct person or group this may be an extremely cost-effective approach to increase your sales/exposure.

Conditions; you must always be professional, be capable to create and/or increase a creative design/look/feel with the website – your focus is at design, integrating the new technologies on the webpage with online expedition goals. Basically you just need to do a excellent design! The project is actually, as launch is due to one month.

Please respond together with any online examples of your work, please specify which portions in the site/example are the work(s). Thank you kindly for your consideration and affinity for this opportunity!

Reminds me of this:

This doesn’t sound to me, either, but is not because it’s hazy.

So you’re an explorer trying to find web design and you have a " group" programming that does do web style. What " group" or maybe " firm" or maybe " company" only does programming without web design We can see an person programmer doing that, but not some sort of " group".

I’m guessing the fact that " group" lost its designer and want someone to do something cheaply (which may actually be how your group lost its designer from the first place), which Wave Vidmar almost certainly doesn’t know to become a thing about this.

This specific smells wrong.


Thank you for your reactions, and potential interest. I did i believe post the previously mentioned message. I feel legitimate, and was accurate in our description. Google me and you will get a better notion of what I’m in relation to and what I’m planning to accomplish.

Originally I used to be going to do the internet design, and my local freinds (that do your programming) need the best design, they are not designers. – but are capable of doing the programming. They are highly reputable, and we’ve done projects for Adobe whilst others together….

I’m simply trying to find someone/group that could supply a great design plus want to utilize the exposure.


Say Vidmar

Seems to me you have a pretty decent web page already.
Why are you looking for something innovative at this delayed date

Many thanks AlphaMare,

We have some new features for being added, and notion an overall, comprehensive design would be best. I used to offer out the many details to my expeditions, but others have exploited that info, confused your public and my holds, etc… – hence the deficit of details in my personal posting.

I have nearly the many content, programmers for you to hook everything upwards, and wanted a fresh design to accompany the modern features.


Say Vidmar.

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