Facebook links?

Do you find it really worth making a Facebook web site and liking returning to your site The sites are for carpet cleaning and car insurance.

Your sites are in a list of several million different sites.
Regardless of the you do, you’re going to have a hard time getting ranked…
There are just too a large amount of.

Try getting linked on sites local for your area… that is likely to be best.
Regional online directories, some other business, commerce sites, Better Business Bureau, etc.

Facebook is too wierd due to " invite" feature.
Advertising on posts/walls might not come across adequately.

I think it is best to have a Facebook page, and Twitter and many of the rest of them. Not that We’ve got mine classified yet.

I’ve just done a few seminars on social media marketing marketting and there are many key points i think apply.

YOU. Its FREE consequently your not likely to waste anything besides time on this.

COUPLE OF. People trust social networks therefore will beleive what they keep reading social networks greater than what they keep reading your official website.

THREE OR MORE. Anyone that signs up as a fan or member of the group is actually enthusiastic about your products / service even more likely to acquire from you.

Simply my 2 cents.


Interesting comment #2. The particular trust factor. I never planned that. I also simply finished a social networking seminar. I am definitely convinced than a business owner should developed facebook, twitter in addition to linked in. Recognize the value of the feedback.

The backlinks through Facobook do rely towards your WEB OPTIMIZATION rankings in Google which is always great.

Really depends with whether you think you will get the attention within your target market with there.

I am pretty sure that the good news is no follow at Facebook links hence I dont think it might be beneficial in a new ranking way but hey, listen, you are a business and simply said some kind of networking is great practice and must always be considered when it best serves you and your product and/or service.
Obviously make sure you keep all vital information regarding the business on you sn pages to your minimum.
Great Luck

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