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We’ve posted here as it appears you might want to have the site coded to post while in the review section as well as I haven’t obtained that far but. I’m looking for feedback around the COMP I’ve lately designed up regarding my portfolio site redesign.

My current site are available at http: //www. gedesignz. com But I’m requesting review on my fresh design not this current. I’d for instance feedback and ideas before I start off building. Thanks.

Little description of rollovers: Navigation: " Web Design" could be the off state, " Photography" could be the hover state, and " Contact" is definitely active or clicked state. My work thumbnail’s hover state is definitely the color you see and off say will appear as being the ones to the suitable of that one. My social networking icons work in similar manner. My work thumbnail’s will probably lightbox into fullview while clicked.

Most feedback is appreciated, likes, dislikes, strategies, etc. You can possibly be as brunt seeing that you’d like provided it’s constructive I’m getting a minimalistic design but and suggestions of stuff to include are more in comparison with welcome. Thanks in advance, Gavin

I’m keen on your new design as good as the old one particular (or current one).
I’m not sure what font you’ve got on your fresh site (the. png image)…
but it should be a font which everyone else features. Will that be an issue

yea, it can be georgia. at least for that main text, the logo plus the nav use avenir however i planned about making those photographs anyway. but many of the content is Georgia consequently it’ll work good. and the content titles are arial.

Aye the present is better, I’m no fan of ridiculously substantial page headers where you must scroll through 5 VARIOUS mins of images to arive at the pages content; p lol. But amounts to just thats the innovative " web TWO. 0" though.

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