FF and IE site differences

WE hate how a website looks different within FireFox and Web Explorer.

Mainly my site.

I have a new horizontal rule end of it of my page that we want to off white.
It’s grey throughout FF but once i look at my own site in IE the idea turns green.

Then my contact mode.
Both text fields I’ve in it are yellow when using the auto-complete thing intended for FF, but in IE these are grey like I’d like to see them to always be.

Is there a way to keep my horizontal rule grey in IE
And is there a way I could turn off FF’s auto-complete pertaining to forms

The site is http: //deadlygamingstudios. vlexo. online

A better route to make a horizontal line is always to use CSS considering < hr> have been deprecated. Add this for your style sheet:

. human resources border: 2px good #eee; width: 50%

Subsequently ditch the < hr> tier and add this kind of:
< p class=" hr" > < /p>


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