FF not linking properly. My links are going to users computer

I designed my blog using Dreamweaver cs4. We’ve it set upwards for localhost. My organization is using apache, php plus mysql. I include tested my website on IE7, Safari plus Firefox. Using localhost. Almost everything worked great. All my links ar comparative. I published my personal site on about my host in addition to IE7 works excellent, however Firefox and Safiri will not. The index web page will load good with all several browsers. www. kammphotography. com After i click on any from the links the browser is seeking to connect the website link with my personal computer. Something like this file: ///c: /user I travelled in and deemed source and all my links are still relative < some sort of href=" form. html" I tried making among the list of links absolute and the worked. If I accomplish that I won’t be able to redesign in Dreamweaver. ( Rename one page and have dreamweaver do the others. ) Browser will be latest version. My organization is using windows Vista 64. Our host server is definitely Unix. Thanks for the help.

I visited your website and I did not have any kind of trouble. At first I thought it is usually a < starting href> issue but doesnt resemble it.

Thinking of sure you tend to be viewing the internet site via your domain if you encounter this issue

I believe so. I just simply tried it once more using firefox. The key page loads ok then check out prices then obtain form. The order variety page dose not resemble it is supose to so when I hit the home link I find the same thing report: ///c: user I tested out it on all three of the computers one using vista along with the other 2 xp. All three computers are utilising Avast antivirus. About the vista machine POST turned everything off like windows fire wall and it still did definitely not work. Thanks for the reply. This will be driving me nuts.

I clicked " Prices" then following the tab did it has the slidy thing POST clicked " Buy Form" then following the Order Form article loaded I clicked " Home" (which is pointing to http: //www. kammphotography. com/index. htm) so no problems with luck.

It’s possible clear your cache

What version of Firefox thinking of using I feel using 3. 0. 5 devoid of other add ons. I had other people try it using this version of firefox in fact it i doing the exact same. After clicking about the link the cell phone browser looks in c drive for the file friom what my friend told me.

My organization is getting a 404 on the order form web page, so I’m speculating…. maybe the purchase form page includes a different name than you’re giving it while in the link Unless people took it down due to these problems My organization is using FF SEVERAL. 0. 5 with a pile of add-ons. I’ve never heard about this, other when compared with an accidental punctuational error or page name change. I’m sorry I can’t be more help!

http: //www. kammphotography. com/formorder. html

We are unable to locate the page thinking of. Please check your address and ensure all letters are lowercased devoid of spaces. You may also go on to a different page with the links in this menu bar earlier mentioned.

Thanks for spending some time I appreciate it.

The browser really do not have anything related to it. It reads the link while in the code. So look while in the code and ensure the link is actually right. I left for prices/ order form/ then home plus it was fine.

Thanks everyone for the input. I am sorry that i could not get back together sooner the posting. I contacted my host pervider and so they told me to try clearinf my cache. I did that and still would not work. Everything still previously worked woorked in IE however is not in firefox. I noticed that after i left of that www and just typed in kammphotography. com fireplace fox worked. I then went in a very frogged around by using my htaccess file devoid of luck. I then logged in to my host and left for the manage website and did and unassign on the my www. kammphotography. com levels. I then discovered that that would not work at most even IE& would not let me make use of the full address. I went back in and reassigned plus everything works. I still have no idea of exactly what was held but at the very least it works. There is yet another thing that I am somewhat confused about. I thought that when you’ve got an index. htm file in a very directory that the actual browser would only identify that file and not necessarily let your pin directory be stated if someone just entered your website without the www and your com part. Yet again thanks.

That will depend on your hosting business. The default web page the browser is actually directed to will likely be index. html involving default. html (or. php or whatever extension that you’re using). Find out what type your host employs. There’s one other one but MY SPOUSE AND I can’t remember what it’s.

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