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I’ve just produced a custom gallery for your client and of hospitality attire part of it We have about 80 websites, In each directory it has an image which will be overwritten by your client. My problem usually I used any old image to put in as a placeholder and now I want to overwrite the many images with a proper ‘insert image here’ form graphic.

Within all of the directories the image I’d prefer to replace is known as image. jpg

Is there a method to automatically search the particular directory structure plus overwrite everyfile that may be called ‘image. jpg’ with a different file just like the text search and also replace function.

Gives thanks

Yes, utilizing PHP.

But I do not own time to prepare a script for the.
Maybe someone else will reply.

Gives thanks,

I guess it’d be quicker that will just manually upload all those meals then and be sure you put a suitable image in from the start next period

Or make use of a MySQL database for the gallery, not putting the images, although storing
the name of the image files, outline, price, and in which they appear.

And using PHP to dynamically display the internet pages…. so only 1 script is
displaying every page one. Sort of being a template.

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