Firefox 5

Seems as if the beta intended for firefox 5 is up for grabs!

I wrote a bit article about the item, I hope it truly is OK to post the connection to it,
or just delete this lol…
http: //hardwareinsights. com/wp/2011/06/19/mozilla-firefox-5-beta-first-look/

WE use chrome primarily, I only at any time switch to firefox once i need to make use of a plugin that chrome isn’t going to have. It’s just simply plain faster, in case you launch firefox and launch chrome a second later, chrome will still appear first by an extended shot.

Chrome is definitely faster… but that’s the only benefit of it (In my personal opinion)…

Granted, I still as well prefer Firefox for a browser. For plenty of time being at very least.

Good decision. I’ve found Firefox 5 to get very fast as well as stable, except to the issues mentioned throughout my article.

Firefox FOUR was an abortion. I don’t even care how badly SOME is screwed in place.

Firefox 4 isn’t that good. Firefox 5 is actually a lot faster even more stable IMO

Oh thanks a lot so much.

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