Fireworks vs Photoshop

That’s best to use to design a site in What do plenty of people prefer


If you’re a noob similar to me, lol… I’d say Dreamweaver or GoLive but for anyone who is hardcore then I have the sense that most of the people on here will say you ought to handcode it.

I am just gonna scurry right now, before people bombard me w/ all the more reasons to how to code by fretting hand.

What sort of site do you want to design anyway

I didnt know you could potentially design a site in photoshop btw, MY PARTNER AND I only use of which to resize my own images… and whats fireworks

Without a doubt, I’m a noob to Web development. I have CS4 and enjoy Dreamweaver. I design and style my art in photoshop. I discover more design completed in Fireworks, nevertheless never used the item. I have the feeling Fireworks might be a great transition don’t know why. I needed to see what the particular experts say.

I agree with your thoughts with this forum and coding. MY PARTNER AND I respect coding, but I need to concentrate on what I could get done or even I’ll won’t obtain anything done. At the moment I’ll let Dreamweaver do the coding and also I’ll absorb what I could as I choose.

I am just doing an Interiror design and style site for my own sister.

Accurately, I had a single guy tell me to use PHP and one more guy tellin’ me to make use of CSS’s and Im like: " dude’s… take a look at my wdf tag, it says NOOB" lol… I’m bangin’ my head resistant to the wall just tryin’ to get my frames that will load and website they way I want them too… sigh.

here’s what I’ve succeeded in doing so far if you wanna investigate it..

online world. mandrakestudios. com

p. s as a noob sucks…: -(

I will be more familiar with Photoshop than Fireworks, but Fireworks will some things as good as PS. Fireworks features better image optimisation (for web, thus pages load as fast as possible), and fireworks may be used with PNG 8 to produce transparent images this work in IE6. You guys need to attend W3Schools. Yes I’m gonna say them. You need to figure out how to code by hands. You need to recognise what it is always that Dreamweaver is doing so that they can streamline your computer code. DW and some other WYSIWYG editors add many extraneous code (again, causing pages in order to load slower than they’ve to). And you should know what in concert with what to be able to debug your computer code when things dont render correctly in diverse browsers.
And yourself need to understand that we all started off as noobs at some point, so if people become you’re dumb reside don’t know many of the terminology… remind them of their.
Photoshop and Fireworks may be used, with the sketching tools and form tools, to create a complete website in photograph form. Then you possess slice and figure what absolutely really needs to be image-based and what is usually recreated with CSS, and use DW or code manually using those graphics to recreate the website with HTML/CSS.
PS is soooooo much more than a picture editor!

I agree with you about know what is happening lurking behind the scene. I will be taking an HTML class during the night and I as it. It is plenty of information and may be frustrating. I know merely keep going I’m going to look back 1 day and marvel at what I can do by hand. Thanks for the encouragement plus the understanding for all of us noob’s.

Likewise, thanks for this thoughts about Fireworks. That’s what precisely I was in search of.

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