first web design ever.. ppl rated it 8/10!

.. for a noob…….

Had sooth this and ima newbe consequently please any help is going to be hella cool.
online world. shadysfix. com (still implementing it other connection has design)

What might be better.. what can i change

http: //i4. photobucket. com/albums/y103/sweft/shadysfixFinalCutcopy. jpg

Your navigation is virtually indecipherable. I didn’t even know it was before the nav right up until after I looked at it for a short time.

I do not see any routing menu items.
Am I missing anything

Yeah I recognize.. Im working for a good nav food selection now..

Any further feedback..

At this time, not too much on the website, other than the particular AD words by Google.

Add some info on the splash page in which summarizes what the site is all about. Visitors will are likely to leave if apart from know what your website will do pertaining to them.

yeah Im working on a good one now.

Innovative nav: good. You might even make the physique text more fitted, possibly make using < hx> tags plus < p> tags to produce the body word markup more placed. Can’t say I’m a fan involving ImageReady slices, however they look OK I guess.

Dang, how can you tell (LOL)

Thanks for the positive feedback male. Yeah, I am enjoying around with types of text I will use as we speak.. well, as My organization is typing this. (LoL)
yeah I actually downloaded 100 new fonts to find out what will stick out and look much better. www. dafont. com
So thanks and you have any tips of what font can look best

Shadysfix. com

site looks good for just a first site. You’ll have to tell us while you get some content goin.

about the photoshop side:
i see you know what you’re doing but i would really like to say this kind of: Grunge Brushes can be a great tool to creating a nice design. But only if done correctly, otherwise it just looks jumbled and you can’t really see anything. Remember that this opacity meter is usually your greatest allie. And your navigation could be alot easier to read when you made the font smaller so man more space inbetween the words. and once for a second time, on the rollover I’d personally tone down the opacity slightly.

sustain the good operate!

Thank An individual cbstudio!

Do you know how many eminem pictures/lyrics this particular man has.. seriously, this is approximately a full moment job! I will keep you guys in touch.
Bless you Again!

Shadysfix. com.

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