Fixed width…what’s the catch???

Part of this can be a last post to another thread I am in but I am really hoping someone — anyone — can help me get that.

I’m working on a screen that may be apparently 1400px wide (don’t knowledge mine is a lot larger than usual given that I am just on my older laptop that’s over 4 years of age and wasn’t anything special while i bought it). I’m using Firefox THREE. 0. 8.

Here’s among what’s confusing me… look at the site – diyhomesavvy. com – then at recipegirl. com. We’re both using fixed width layouts and firebug affirms her’s is 984px wide and mine’s 980px wide but when i compare the two using the same browser around the same screen her’s looks in excess of 4px wider compared to mine.

Quarry has about COUPLE OF. 5 – 3" on either side on the wrapper and recipegirl solely has about ONE PARTICULAR. 5 – ONE. 75" on also side.

Can anyone you should explain what’s taking place , with this

You should help

Looks pretty close to the exact same width on FF A COUPLE OF. 0. 0. 20

Perhaps it’d serve you to apply a browsercam-like company, to take your special machine out of the equation.

Looks exactly the same to me. Using same Firefox when you, diy. It’s your own resolution, probably, you choose to can adjust in the Control Panel should you be running Windows.

Looks regarding the same on my verizon prepaid phone, too (both FF3 in addition to Safari 4 beta, on the 1440×900 resolution). Any kind of chance you inadvertently zoomed one

Place those 2 web sites in BrowserShots. com and analyze by taking a look at them in numerous browsers. That will let you know if it’s ones machine or definitely not. Everybody here sees exactly the same thing.

As I’ve stated inside other thread, I’ve viewed them around FF3, Chrome and IE7 and on 1024×768 and 1280×1024. All appears exactly the same. Make sure it isn’t your machine, because at this point it appears its. browsershots. com is a superb resource, like aeroweb99 reported.

Now, after reading that every one is seeing it similar way, I am agreeing using someone (I think it was before Diddy) from your own other post that you have zoomed in around the page. Either go to View> Zoom> Reset or touch ctrl + 0 to check out if that is the problem.

It looks good to me.

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