Fixing Buttons In Place

My business is fairly new to website design and I ‘m very new in order to Expression Web. My business is trying to create a website for my girlfriend’s catering enterprise. I’m still in the beginning stages and trying to generate button links for you to her sub-domains. Truly got the control keys created (4 control keys lined horizontally, based underneath the page title). When WHEN I preview the site maximized, it appearance fine, but if i shrink the page down in the least, the buttons for the right side wrap around and display themselves for the next line straight down. What do I want to do to fix these buttons constantly in place so that if the page is small than maximized, the buttons just disappear there are various right side of the page (and produce a horizontal scroll bar) instead of wrapping around

Give your internet site a fixed bigger using CSS..

< style>
perimeter: 0px auto;
bigger: 900px;
text-align: core;

bigger: 900px;
text-align: quit;

< /style>
< body>
< div id=" content" >
dsfa sdfasd fas sdfa
< /div>
< /body>

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