Flash not detected on under 4% of browsers

I’m using a silverlight plugin with a website, so I headed onto Rich Internet Practical application Stats

Wealthy Internet Application Statistics

Along with figured okay, 55% of browsers support the item, not too terrible, still feels a lttle bit too small a good adoption rate for some the things It’s safe to be doing, but it will work in this instance, but what actually threw me for the loop…


Critically, does that seem right Because It’s safe to been making true to clients this just in iPhones and also iPads and phones alone it has been a much large minority, still a minority of course, but ever growing minority and no way would We’ve guessed that really, we’re still with over 96% connected with people surfing Flash-enabled.

Virtually 100% of pcs are Flash-enabled.

Robot supports Flash.

Loads of people with iPhones work with their computers most the time they surf online.

So that stat looks right, in terms associated with % of trainings.

I’m sure iPad could bring the phone number up a tiny bit, though. Maybe when high as 10%. Because people will certainly use teh iPad to surf a lot more than the iPhone.

They may be reports of Flash’s demise are already greatly exaggerated, no less than that’s the impression I was left with, possibly not " if" nevertheless " when" and that it had been a bit more along in the demise than it is actually after all.

Flash is pronounced dead every few years. People simply need the statistics with supporting their views.

Hogwash. That’s wishful thinking, along with a tenet of that standardist dogma that will (when the rapture / singularity comes) all non validating websites and plugins will descend into your pit of fire.

Not viewing Flash factored in the standards compliant website does nothing in any way to move individuals stastics.

That does not change the facts in the least. Apple — as well as most of it’s products — may be pronounced dead at the same time. It’s not any matter of in the event but when at this time there, either.

Apple company company, unfortunately, seems like it’s actually not only not inactive, but the future.

A lot more than 80% seniors graduating from high school graduation use Macs.

With 4 years, those 80% will want to be 90%, along with graduating from student.

In Decade, those 90% will probably be department directors spending budgets to order machines.

With 20 years, they’ll be business owners, and Macs will want to have widespread use in offices simply by then, as loads of users will have Macs as the preferred system at home, and the extra cost on the hardware is well offset because of the training costs essential to bring personnel up to date on Windows.

In terms of Flash, I do not think we’ll see it die any moment soon. HTML5 probably will not a standard with regard to another 5 a long time, and even subsequently, it doesn’t replace precisely what Flash does. Flash holds the best formatting for interactive wealthy media, and can have a purpose (limited, nevertheless a purpose). Apple can’t kill Flash – they are able to only make their products crappier by way of not supporting this.

I just saw a piece of text right along all those lines, 70% of young people entering college will probably be bringing their Apple computers, but my primary thought was, I remember reading those very same stats a 10 years ago.

I’m sure when you’re headed to college, you’re still moving into a bubble, at that age, your cellular telephone says everything with regards to you, you’re directly into brands, you’re fashion conscious but not only is Apple company company the trendiest manufacturer around, but somehow it manages being trendy for youngsters and college kids while still declaring, " I are a Mac, I will be unique! " In which whole, I chose Apple because I’m unique / a path blazer might reduce it’s weight though when you see 70% of your current fellow freshman using their iBooks as well.

After which you can they’ll graduate, and buying a job and paying bills will outweigh design consciousness and many that, and they’ll enter the effort place and it will be all about this PC, and just like decades pass, for many of us, those college numerous being Mac users give way to joining the project force as some sort of PC user.

Yet annually, I see more and more office PCs growing to be Macs…

Well, nothing wrong with seeing just a little stronger competition to hold Microsoft honest, I’m a major AMD fanboy for much the same reasons, but I have been hearing stories for with a decade about exactly how Linux was poised for making major inroads, Mac was around the verge of saying a bigger amount of market talk about, and yet that decades pass along with the world keeps chugging in conjunction with Windows on 90% on the machines out generally there.

I won’t claim to say that death of one system above another is always on the cards.

I can say, however, in which things change, along with systems change, far too. Windows will definitely utilized because of familiarity and selling price. MAC will definitely used for it’s trendiness and efficiency. The use could fluctuate from 10 years to decade, but we’ll all definitely having this dialogue, more than very likely, a decade via now.

In respect of how it refers to web design, RELATED TO that flash will not " go away". I enjoy it, I like utilizing it, but hello…. if something regarding HTML 5 causes it to be better and less complicated, I’m open in order to it.

Alas, no user group features a monopoly on important thought. The only thing articles of that ranking make me think is — just what exactly platform did many people leave college together with

An increase of the percentage point does not mean Linux will overtake Windows (nor does it mean this won’t).

A decrease of 1 or 2 percentage points does not necessarily mean whatever you’re discussing is headed for your dust bin involving history. The stock market will not zero.

And no, the stock market will not infinity and over and above, just because a person imagined a 3 percent gain out into your future. Yet every downtick or perhaps uptick gets extrapolated proper permanent trend.

Love it if more think people really should be licensed before they can cite a statistic.

DC, unsure how much of your post was redirected at me, but though I’m not the certified statistician, I’m qualified to recognize trends in addition to patterns and design my expectations in said patterns. Mac usage has inside the last 5 several years, i

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