Flash/HTML combined site having issues showing up in browsers

Innovative here, so please what if I’m sounding as a broken record.
We’ve mixed HTML/FLASH website. My client is nevertheless most of his testers are receiving issues. Of course I’m undecided what those challenges are but one too was saying that whenever they went to your website it was mentioning a older version of the site when the latest one has been uploaded towards ftp. I thought maybe ?t had been a code issue and I did see an error and I predetermined it and lso are uploaded but even now he’s saying his testers are having issues with the website. And of course my testers are receiving no problems in the least…
All I can think of that is a browser issue/flash player/user difficulty but I are not able to control who looks with the site and once they have not improved or not, what am I speculated to do The web-site still needs several work but WE don’t think this is the cause of the issue yet.
www. brandnewpimptones. com may be the site. Is it since the site starts in flash Is it a browser/user issue
I’m pretty a lot at my wits end now. Please help.

Thanks a ton,
Lizjane74: typical:

Looked Fine to my opinion.
The following is the deal having flash though;
If these testers are utilising macs well chances are they’ll might have troubles,
most macs employ safari and safari is definitely an old piece. Also let them know that macs constitute for 5% regarding www surfers whenever you want. The only exception might be iphone and we don’t now how many iphone users are likely to visit pimptones.
The other thing is that when you are expecting cell cellular phone surfers, they won’t see your display animations(or that easily).
We would inform the customer that 90% associated with online surfers can view flash.
I like flash I actually do, it will defiantly dominate in the future, even the game titles we play are becoming interactive movies. However these are the rules; in case your site is strictly about information (blog, community, tutorials, travel, etc) then sodium and pepper as well as with flash if you use it at most of. People searching for info need obtainable fast loading web pages. If your handling media (like anyone are) than move flash wild. People interested in rich media (movies, tunes, photos, interactive games) are likely to sacrifice more time to relish the experience. Display can captivate these viewers and maintain them with image stimulation.
All and most of it comes right down to personal preferences. Some designers hate flash and think its excessive of impact for the entire of the world wide web (but these designers are often old and inside way).
So I need ideas of if this helped in any respect, but if faced with all the same problem I’d think on this consistent marketing tip and STICK TO MY GUNS.

The site looks good, Pimp that s… maaaan.

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