FMD Studios V3

So it’s that season again (well, roughly) where I’ve decided that I’d better start taking redesigning my site to stay it fresh. So far exactly what me and the colleagues have formulate is a design which will have switchable themes or templates using ASP in addition to CSS incorporating the actual four elements (according to help Archimedes). We will additionally be implementing sIFR on the site, the first period we’ve used it on the large scale : but already it looks a great deal better than precisely what we’d usually be bound to.

Anyway I might be grateful in the event you guys would present me some idea of what’s good and also what’s bad until now and how you believe I should develop it; that’s if you believe I should keep with the concept by any means!

Check it out at: www. fmdstudios. com/V3/

*btw neglect the blue expensive movie

At this point, I really prefer your current design. This one just doesn’t do anything to do and I don’t even think it works and also other.
Should wait a find what it appears to be when you type the blue display movie. That is a big off putter.

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