Fonts wont translate to other browsers…

So I got all jazzed cuz WHEN I finally finished Most of the site. I tried it in Firefox and also Safari on my own computer and almost everything looked great.

Then I proceeded my g/f’s macbook pro and looked at it in your girlfriend Safari (a handful of versions newer as compared with mine) her Firefox(also a couple of versions newer) Group and IE…

My fonts look nothing can beat they’re supposed for you to.

So when you look at this site and observe generic looking fonts understand thats not just what exactly I see at my browser as well as what I intended for them to mimic.

All you handcoders to choose from, is there the right way to make the fonts MY PARTNER AND I see on my personal comp be reliable w/ all other browsers Or was I gonna must make little buttons in photoshop and replace all my current links

This is my site:
online world. mandrakestudios. com

What font would it be

I use Eurostile for all the links, Edwardian Script for that dirty glam name sections, and Copperplate for that " Mandrake Studios" logo along at the top.

The end user should have those fonts on their computer. Hd come with Vista FYI.

yeah take a look at it in firefox. chances are when its in firefox its in each.

if you will find code that question that installs the font onto the finale users computer then may viable or search dot. net along with their webmamgasine thatr includes coding for fonts.

Look into using sIFR – them uses Flash and JavaScript allowing you to use ANY font you need on your procedure. It also provides you with the ability to be able to specify a " standard" font it will degrade gracefully that a user doens’t assist one or one other.

http: //wiki. novemberborn. net/sifr/What+is+sIFR.

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