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Currently We are using Phpbb but I’d like to see to buy V press release and put the idea on my web site.
A few questions how do i delete phpbb it is installed in our httpdocs folder, am i allowed to just delete everything in this folder (no true content on it at the moment so I dont care merely lose any in the topics)
Also is V bulletin worth getting, I am new to website development a friend who have a forum website explained to get the idea, is it really worth getting Thanks plenty guys

That forum is vBulletin.
If you value how it functions, and how stuff look, then it’s an excellent to buy.
The positioning owner " Transio" can elaborate more on the inner operations.

You delete most directories (along with files) inside your httpdocs folder.
Then it is advisable to go into a person’s MySQL admin spot and delete your database too.

Your blog will then end up being " clear" and also empty, as it had been when you started out.

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