Forum messed up after changing domain! Help?

Hello all, and thanks due to this interesting forum, My organization is new here, and not very good with web page design just so which is said!

I run a forum that have been down for months because I cant learn how to fix it. It’s all messed up, and all links about the main page points on the old domain that was. net, now We’ve a. com address.

Here it’s: http: //www. dark-truth. com/forums/

I can not log in to my manager bill either since seeking to log in also forwards towards old. net deal with.

Then again, it does look like everything is intact, in my. com address, the problem being the majority of it except the principle page is resulting in the old. web site, so even the key page and history etc is exhibited wrong. So, it does could be seen as all old data and posts etc are stored on my new. com space, but the challenge being all links points towards old. net domain.

Perhaps there is any quick way to fix this problem I would actually like to copy the whole forum to an innovative domain I just got as I will shut down this old one, along with the new domain is usually more suitable for a forum relating towards topics I get anyway.

Can i either restore that forum so every thing looks and works correct within the current. com space, or move everything onto my new website, or both for the matter

Any good info on the direction to go is most warmly made welcome and greatly valued!! I have struggled hard with this!

Bless you and cheers consorts!

I think there’s how to do an semi-automatic or fully automatic redirect with. htaccess

Anyone on here (this forum) which knows. htaccess might be able to help.
I’m not an authority on. htaccess

Thanks for the tip.

Having it . some further details on that


I determined something…
However before testing, complete a safe copy of your existing. htaccess file

I also think you may have a config file somewhere in your forum script
that you just didn’t update. They’ll have asked you in your site domain name
and you’ve still got the old. net because name. Look through the forum config
files for just a place where a person never changed the domain name, but should get.

Generally, the domain proxy shouldn’t matter intended for links, as it already knows
your website name… but that name is programmed right config file of some kind.

Or else, this is a shot in the dark for changing. web to. com….

Possibilities +FollowSymlinks
RewriteEngine on
RewriteRule (. *)\. net$ $1. com nc.

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