Forwarding and Backlink Questions. Please help.

Forwarding along with Backlink Inquiries.Please assist.

I are launching some sort of domain revenue site inside the near foreseeable future.I personal several names that get a good amount of traffic that are difficult in order to monetize ( / / / etc)

I will ideally like to forward of which traffic to the domain sales site to generate traffic.

My queries are —

1.) Is a good/bad idea
2.) Plainly forward that and try a 301 direct would of which be alright

Now the backlink question.Let’s say I have domains which can be parked and there is an ability to feature a backlink towards the domain gross sales site within the content segment.

1.) There has to be a gain to contributing a one-way link on almost all parked websites to this domain revenue site
2.) Beware of any negatives about undertaking this

Any assistance is liked.


1) it becomes a wise decision since virtually any traffic you decide to do get via those domain names are likely from domainers (or if you are lucky, out of end-users).if you choose proceed using this, i’d suggest you will still keep getting some sort of custom landing page for that will specific area.the navigation/template is the same for all you domains.

2) you have to want to do a 302 or even meta refresh / javascript redirection in making managing the entire thing easier intended for changes and many others.i really don’t see a fact that the permanency of a 301.

3) unless you’re getting numerous links pointed to the parked web page (unlikely), i don’t believe that you will have much seo variation.however, it could actually lead to help more gross sales.

4) negatives we’d be more inclined to see the endgame and get sales for any domains.while you’ve explained, they usually are inherently more challenging to generate monies anyway.

Thanks for that response Shockie.Rep is added.


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