Hi there, I’m trying to help construct a content management system applying 3 frames
1) this top
2) this left
3) heart of screen

The thought is that a new menu of links is the left frame (2) each time a link is determined it sends any page address at the. g. login. php through to a javascript function which uses this particular code to change the biggest market of the screen frame(3) to be able to login. php —

purpose changePage(pageCode)
parent. frames2. location = pageCode;

The problem I have is the fact it loads the particular screen e. h. login. php women and men " loading bar" end of it of the cell phone browser never completes – in order that it likes like the page hasn’t completed loading.

I’ve noticed that merely hit refresh exactly the same page will fully load or merely click the similar link again that page will absolutely load.
Every second connection you click will reslut inside page " totally loading"

Hope that adds up.

Also I realize that its not really a technology issue mainly because I’ve created web pages with designs (using frames) using asp, php and. NET and with all 3 sites I’ve the same concern.

Has anybody encountered this issue b4 If precisely what was your solution

Thanks in advance.

Could we view a online demo of the

Hi there,
With thanks for replying.
I’ve one demo (the php version) on the web the link in this is –

http: //bally. u47. jodoshared. com/admin/index. php

You will have to log in first plus the details are —

uid — admin
pwd — password

Once you log in the left palm frame will populate with an index of menu items.
Please note that this site isn’t complete so only your links under work at this point – so solely select them.

Thanks plenty.

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