I am working in dreamweaver. We have my links established in the remaining frame and most important content in what dreamweaver comes from as " mainFrame". I am telling the chek out load in " mainFrame" and seeing code accordingly nonetheless it doesn’t work on the webpage. I have also been searching codes also it looks like maybe there are lots of ways of writing this code. does anyone have a very good code because of this My site is sitting at online world. geocities. com/importsdigest
in order to take a appearance see. of course you can look through my code and criticize while needed. thanx.

Get rid of frames now whilst you still can! They are obsolete and you may have trouble together on newer browsers. Search engines detest frames. If you’re using DW, then utilize the " Save because Template" feature which works great. You can make your main map-reading, header, and footer to be a template, set an editable region on your content, and your all set. DW will up-date all pages that utilize the template if everyone make changes for the template. It’s much better than frames.

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