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Howdy again,
fresh day… new problem!!!
I am having problems attaching to our webserver by means of FTP software. It worked fine the other day but now now i am getting this mistake message…

ERROR: > Connection closed because of the server.
ERROR: > Unable to login

I’ll access the folder through a mapped drive in my PC and I’ll see the files fine but wanting to use an FTP program no go. the only purpose I discovered this is because I am establishing a different project while in the same style and also this new onme is not really working at just about all…. I think my personal Manager has evolved something but he does’nt know very well what. Any advice, guidelines greatly apreciated.


The only thing I’ll think of initially is that port 21 may have been closed. I’ve noticed it happen previous to. Try that.

Thanks on your input.
Found what had transpired, *someone* had messed with the permisions on the root folder.. tracked it straight down eventually but clearing up is not how I would like to spend my time frame.

Many thanks again……..

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