Full Sail’s Web Design Degree (Online) help!

Unsure if it is a right place due to this thread but here it can be.

I recently separated from the military and have been on " hiatus" for a little just one year and I’m ready to improve with my living. I am thinking of getting a web pattern degree through Complete Sail’s online course. If you provide me any good advice please do especially if you have done something with these.

I know that Full Sail will get talked down plenty mainly due to the price tags within the degrees… but if money wasn’t a difficulty how does the program rate with others that you can get online (Art Institute, etc).

Have you been planning on focusing with web design, or web development

Website design is more about how precisely the site seems, graphics, photoshop, styles, CSS, etc.

Web Development is all about the back-end development and how them works…
PHP/MySQL, XHTML, XML, Javascripting and also CMS Systems

Web sites are about both of those, but not very most people are proficient in both.
In your explanation, I’m guessing you would like to be more straight into graphic design.

Just understand that web sites will be about both instances expertise and a person’s online class
won’t allow you to be an expert, in fact, you probably will struggle until you are
adept at both.

The program Total Sail offers is a little both. It’s actually called Website design and Development ( http: //www. fullsail. edu/online/degrees/web-design-bachelors ). I recently shortened the label because I figured folks that knew anything about the program would know what I was with reference to. But yes I would prefer to focus a lot more on looks. However, there is nothing stopping me from collecting some books in addition to teaching myself whatever it can be I feel which i need/want to study.

Although yeah, I know there’re different things. I have some prior expertise doing MySQL in addition to PHP. Although, remember that it is a long moment.

If anyone has taken video games on campus or even online Please give me a number your opinions!

yyyyeeeaaaahhhhhhssssss PHP. also….. sorry, slipt away.

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