Full website design outsourcing?

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Anything i havent considered in more detail before is outsourced workers. There are numerous little projects I can take on (about 1-2 days and nights work each as well as a couple more when compared with that in worktime) but I have no time so was making plans for outsourcing them.

I wanted to acquire some input through people experienced with this or who know even more than me about places to discover cheap yet dependable outsourcing – this deadline and basic functions in the site and good code are most critical here. If necessary i could tweak the visual design but dont need to be fiddling about using much else immediately after its done.

Also any getting grants what to ensure of, any contracts to sign, or everything to avoid

Help could be great or a reference to a thread/place that has this info

Hi there,

You must allways look with their portfolio and have for references. There are plenty of companies to whom you’ll be able to outsource but few are real good companies. So the magic lies in obtaining it touch with the great companies to outsource. Another good way could be to ask them to design something for a person before making virtually any upfront payment.

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Thanks asif – any getting grants who to visit to and potentially employ, anyone id rather a person really, the entire site incorporates a budget of TWO HUNDRED so dont really need to be spending more than half of the. however it is probably a graphic centered redesign – absolutely no changes to design really, just making brand-new images and shoving them on the html/css to promote the php CMS thats there already. no some other features needed.

Our team can do this. It won’t run you more than GBP ONE HUNDRED. Just send an email to me or you can fill up the form here: http: //amstech. corp. in/contact-sales. html

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Okay asif in advance of i do – this is an adult web-site, is that an issue (I know anyone whos site it is, and its most legal. )

No issue.

Kind regards!

okay great- i think what i is going to do, is go on the client (meeting is actually next week) purchase a more precise specialization, and come to you with it is that alright in that case is it okay to consider an email tackle

Sure, no issue. Just send me an exclusive message or a good email through this forum. Or you’ll be able to contact me via the contact form link we sent you.

check www. odesk. com and www. 99designs. com

Thanks for this smoseley just signed up on Odesk — I see theres a new payment facility now there, is this more secure so you dont will need contracts Its merely a small $150 occupation im posting.

ODesk is really a full outsourcing answer. They provide people the contractors, this tools for meeting with them, hiring these, managing their do the job, and paying these. You could as well use www. elance. com if you only desire to find people and do the remainder elsewhere.

Paintbrush, you are not going to get far spamming individuals, so give the item up.

hahaa i knew this was spam even throughout my email notification this reply to that thread.. spamming a webdesign forum, especially one that features a section on search engine marketing..

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