Funky issue

SO so I tried to generate a ribbon to the index page but it doesn’t line ” up ” with my backdrop image.
How to fix
gives thanks!
(link throughout signature)

Bring up to date: I fixed this! yay!

Bring up to date: I don’t know very well what I did, but now something is really messed up
please help me figure out WTF happened, because I’ve spent a final 10 minutes thinking about everything but I can’t figure out what’s wrong!

10 minutes Sometime I spend hours starring in the code trying to puzzle out wtf I screwed upward…..

Did you assume down I you should not see any ribbon…

It’s preset now, sorry
Andrew: much more like 14 mins, but you know I have no patience

but one outstanding issue is learn to get the slider to go down a little bit It looks ugly right with the top of the particular ribbon…
gives thanks!

I nonetheless don’t see that ribbon…..


Simply no… no ribbon. Now i’m using chrome.

It looks just like I’m too late to help on this yet I see you posted more than once you’ve been ensnared; try CSE HTML PAGE Validator mate faith me you’ll like it. I use it on a regular basis. Forget that Notepad shyte.

Whatever I’ll take care of that later.

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