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An image i sliced in Photoshop then imported in to Dreamweaver is expressing little white dots within the right edge, just the place that the slice borders tend to be. I set all cellspace/borders to 0 and made sure the cell was the exact size of the image however the dots still remained.

Make sure you see the linked image.

I’ve seen threads on some forums saying that is a " shim" artwork creating extra breathing space. People have solved this challenge by deleting that column containing the particular shim pixels or maybe deleting spacer. gif, but after i do so all slices fall out of alignment.

How to get rid from the shim graphic so that you will find there’s clean edge I’d very much value some guidance.

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I’m not confident what I’m said to be looking at the following, those links just check out a website….

Hello there, my freebie hosting company is redirecting to their main page (grrrrr! )

I’ve attached the images towards the message above. Bless you.

You indicate " cellspacing"

Now i am using Dreamweaver MX : the Properties box says " CellSpace. " Is " cellspacing" something else

Listed here are more screenshots exhibiting the line designed by these added pixels.

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