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Hello there guys,

MY PARTNER AND I only use HTML PAGE. Yes, I’m the newb. I would like to know what program that will use(Maybe Dreamweaver) in order to accomplish the subsequent:

I would like to make a niche site which has format across all websites where they seem similar. The main thing I’m concerned about is usually making global changes inside site. Say Concerning a color plan of red and also blue, for model. Then one day I just go change that in order to yellow and blue; I want for making it all reflected inside whole site. Likewise, if I alter the menu or even add a selection, I want the whole site to mirror that added change. Now, I have found the right way to do this using HTML, but I can’t allow it to become look too pretty or curvey like modern sites. And I’m not really sure HTML can handle things such as slideshow of several changing pics…

Allow me to learn a new language for instance php, asp, as well as whatever, but legitimately, I’d prefer to apply a program that may work my goals with more speed.

In summary: A program that can help my adjust my whole site’s layout very quickly and cohesively in addition to help me ensure it is look professional.

Regards all in improve,

Dreamweaver are able to do all that, but take advantage of the wysiwyg interface, and use this builtin template functions along with any of the actual builtin JavaScript things, the code generated gets bloated very swiftly.

You may also accomplish everything you’re talking about with notepad, notepad++, or any other cheap or free editor should you learn some simple scripting language like php or asp, and develop includes function.

Basically build out every one of the " common" parts in common HTML and start using a single CSS fIle to the design elements. Then go into shell page of which calls the " includes" along with CSS file.

Asp. net features a function called " get good at pages", that will accomplish most of the same thing.

I use DW and get been since edition 2. 0, but Concerning used " computer code view" for around the past 6-7 a long time, once I came to the realization how bloated this " design view" got. I really such as FTP and undertaking management stuff already a part of DW, but I only use code view as well as methods above.

I make a single HTML track to confirm the layout is doing exactly what I want, the break everything down in the " common" data. If I intend to make a site vast change, I have to modify YOU page and push that to the server.

Thus I should find out ASP and use it into HTML. ASP and HTML CODE will flow together in the same. html file

I assume you’re talking about the particular #include I employed this in my HTML per page to have the #include so it’s going to include a header. That’s so far as I got.

Well then , i’ll know. Because in the post, it appears to be I shoudl study ASP or CSS. Or maybe Both

Also I should simply mention this. My text on the webpage is all black. What if I change the rear ground to charcoal, how can i change dozens of HTML written pages to possess text a diverse color Remember, it really is all in html document already…

Not a chance, asp is the windows server scripting terms. And must be called from your page with the particular. asp extension ( unless you know how to setup a server to load the particular asp engine when a different extension known as ), if the using Linux pertaining to hosting, you’ll should find out how to perform php includes. And those pages needs to be called with the php extension.

In the western world text color/background colouring, that is the beauty of CSS. When establishing your CSS alternative file, make guaranteed to define the web page wide text colour and page qualifications colors. Then you are able to change both and also either from only changing the CSS archive.

W3schools. com is a great place to commence with the basics of the entire above mentioned.

The server facet scripting language you should use is determined through the platform of your current hosting provider.

Php = Linux established servers, although many windows servers at the moment are supportin php.

Asp/asp. net = windows nodes only.

POST see. So CSS will be what I should consider.

I am using yahoo as i click on create page it gives me option for php, html page, text, or perl. So i guess this doesn’t happen support asp maybe.

Now the final question remains, what the results are since I do not own any of the html referencing a new master CSS archive. If I just develop a master css files, are all my pages about to follow it

I would really urge you to definitely visit w3schools. com, I’ll keep explaining stuff, but I think you’ll get a better grasp if you see some real-world stuff.

They want tutorials on everything we’ve found discussed.

To make use of an external CSS track, you’ll need to recode your overall files to make the most of it. And indeed, it does work with asp, but but if your hosting provider seriously isn’t windows based, no sense in adding towards confusion.

Noises good. I’m not trying for tutorials, more including general advice.

The main gripe I had was the concern of will I have to re-do my completely site to incorporate all of it into CSS. Appears to be you’ve answered the particular question. A lot of pages should be redone. tons with pages lol.

I thanks.

Thank you!

Should you have used DW then you definitely have pretty regular tags…

DW is known for a " find/replace" tool that may speed up the procedure, that can do a single page, all pages in the particular folder, or all the site.

If you need to create custom divs, then that may be a little confusing, but for typical tags DW Additionally supports creating as well as applying an external style sheet for a pages.

To apply the external stylesheet for a pages, you create a folder on your blog called css as well as put your stylesheet in it. (I always employ a separate css folder due to the fact I often have several stylesheet)
Then you put this within your < head> tag:
< website rel=" stylesheet" href=" http: //www. yourdomain. com/css/yourfilename. css" type=" text/css" media=" screen" charset=" utf-8&qu

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