Getting an animation into my website.

Hello there, I am new to the present stuff. I designed an animation in adobe flash, and I will be trying to with success put it on my website (with this system dreamweaver), but next time i import the display, the internet preview just shows a ignore white rectangle. I do not know what I am doing wrong. Almost any ideas

Export it away from Flash then consider the swf record in DW, drag and shift that where you need it.

Thanks that worked! The matter now is in internet explorer preview, that includes the bright backround as our animation. Is there any way We can get the object itself around the page

Seeing IE locally can block active subject material. You are with a swf file so I’m unsure why it would do this. Allow active written content in IE, usually a bar along at the top of this page. If certainly not, can you upload it to your server and then attempt to view it

I find an alternative way to embed the swf is always to publish the document from flash subsequently open the html file that is definitely created in Dreamweaver, then you can view all the code that pertains to your swf file which enable it to simply copy in addition to paste it in to your other websites.

Inside the list of properties with the swf there might be a background colour that is certainly set to white-colored. If it doesnt declare background colour anywhere then locate a hex string this way #FFFFFF and change it to the for a dark-colored background #000000.

You may also set Flash to own a transparent background by making use of window mode but I find a way to remember this brought on me some problems during the past.

That’s what I do too. Works fine.

I am just not very fluent with Flash… is which the same thing as my other posting " Export it away from Flash then consider the swf record in DW, drag and shift that where you need it. " or is a different method If you are, what is the blessing

Using flash with your websites isn’t that tough – that guide is valuable http: //www. zeroscale. co. uk/blog/embedded-flash-in-css/

: -D.

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