Getting back into it and need help

Hello everyone, I used to design a lot back years ago and mostly fretting hand coded but I used a few of the early versions with stuff like coffee cup and dreamweaver and perhaps splash, if it is possible to believe that, but it’s been several years and I’m working on a site and thus much is beyond me ever since I didn’t stay into maintaining. I’m working with a very simple web page, and my first and problem is that I’m just not grasping tips on how to use html and css etc. to produce my pages work in most resolutions. I imply, I know how you can hand code typically, but I get real weak with design sheets. I’ve acquired it where them looks ok, however is not right across websites and resolutions. I can make small adjustments then it will work in firefox however it changes one thing in ie making sure that in a specific resolution it’s fe’d upwards. I’m sure it can not be that hard and if anybody could spend a bit time to guide me out I would really, really always be gratefull. I’m attempting to finally get the little karaoke company pursuing spending more time than you should care to know getting the music, renaming your files, categorizing your files, creating a spreadsheet to produce books and at this point this stupid tiny thing is preventing me. Anyhow, any help is so great in addition to I’d be prepared to reciprocate by any means I can. I need ideas of how because anybody who are able to help me almost certainly doesn’t need a great deal from me, however, maybe you perform, and I might make some music accessible. Anyhow. Thanks.

it will help to observe your code or a connect to the site.

will you can get back by making a new site.

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