Getting Back into Web Development

Hello guys,

I accustomed to do web development about three years ago after which didn’t have at any time once I started planning to college. I started using Dreamweaver after which it worked my way approximately hand coding having CSS. Since novice so long, I’ve kind of been out from the loop on the modern and greatest solution to put a website together. I’ve been thinking about the three CMSs and now have been trying to make the decision if that’s what you want and which to use.

Here’s what I want to have incorporated into the site

ezine sign up

I would like it to contain the feel of this website, http: //www. cookinglight. com/ though not on quite as large of any scale.

What recommendations on earth do you developers out presently there have for starting something like this We’ve plenty of knowledge with HTML in addition to CSS but would also want to get it upwards quickly. If any person has any suggestions, I’d greatly regards.

Bless you!

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