Getting my PSD into a good website

Hi everyone,

I’ve spend hours browsing the net, and I’ve enquired on multiple discussion boards before, and Thought about hope this’ll be the last one, because I’m dying for getting this working.

Truly made my lay-out with photoshop (it even now needs some minimal tweaking, but I will do it later), and Thought about want to get this into a reasonable HTML webpage, My business is using Dreamweaver because my HTML coding abilities are really really low (I know only the simplest basics).

My business is in my 1st year of studying mediagraphics, and unforunately they could only teach me personally real webdesign inside my third season, though I’ve been designing stuff in addition to making various things for an extended time now.

Anyhow, here is this lay-out, could anyone supply me easy along with detailed steps on learn to get this into a web site I’ve used plenty of tutorials but I will never get it to cooperate with my lay-out.

http: //img97. imageshack. us/img97/9859/layout. png


Have you been still looking for help in taking your design and having a site from it


In fact I do, I’d love to get it doing work!

Hi Leafy,

This particular tutorial: http: //www. kromefx. com/index. phppage=vt& id=76

Is exactly what you require to learn the way to take a layout and " structure it up" and produce a basic html site traditional hunting had. However, do you’ve got Adobe Photoshop Certainly not that it’s essential, but this tutorial utilizes it. If possibly not, what software does one use for photograph editing


I’m sorry, you mentioned Photoshop in your initial post thinking that you had attempted tutorials.

Okay, lets start out using this. How do you wish the header to function Are you interested the mouse roll overs on the navigation to highlight with the blue rectangle

Also do you need the site to be able to resize (be fluid) if your browser changes width, or do you choose a fixed system, with the design centered inside the browser


I’d the like the design being fixed in this center.
And in regards to the header, I’d prefer to have the ‘current page’ to acquire a blue button. And the additional pages just grey text, and white text if you hover over all of them

Hi Leafy,

Are there the actual PSD (Photoshop file) just for this that contains the many layers I realize PNGs can have layers, but Im not seeing any. And using Illustrator CS4.

It still can be done, just requires even more work.


It is right here

http: //rapidshare. com/files/287912254/Layout. psd. html
http: //www. 2shared. com/file/8186767/b319258/Layout. html document

Ah, great. Now we will get you a web site going.


Take place we start and then.

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