Good layout for a contact page?

Hello guys I am in the act of making the pc repair website and I had been wondering if I can get some opinions on my make contact with page. I dont go hosted anywhere yet but factors screenshot. Thanks for virtually any feedback!

http: //yfrog. com/j6contactdfj

I do think you should explain to them how you can open " Microsoft windows System" on the
control panel and enter-in the os, processor, memory sizing, etc.
I think you need to know more in relation to their PC from the comfort of the beginning.

Hard to judge anything about your site without seeing the genuine site.

Almost no more to say about the contact page… it’s basically a basic get in touch with page.

mlseim, I doubt that they know any of that crap

The particular page layout is definitely ok. I don’t similar to the fonts you included in the gray squares though

Usually its fine.

I realize Orlando. The font utilized in the contact page is absolutely not keeping up using the feel of as well as (or this article rather). It seems like a bog-standard Periods New Roman or maybe something similar which will isn’t very appealing currently. Try something very simple like Arial or maybe Verdana (Verdana is just about the most popular, if not a common font on the web) initially and see if you want it.

You’ll probably decide to make this Twitter, Facebook and the ‘I’ (don’t really know what this represents although Personally i think I probably will need to! ) colour-coded thus to their actual sites/logos in making them more recognisable.

Lastly I don’t particularly such as the verification box – the aesthetics on this seem of a reduced quality than the other site and seems like a bit odd plonked there (can an individual change the coloration scheme of it – not always but worth a new try).

Complete a brilliant initial draft and it really is onwards and upwards from here!

Nicely, please explain your query to ensure that i can charm you however, just keep the first thing in mind since your required page need to be user friendly making sure that any user will use it freely and the most crucial thing is that this design of your page really should be relevant to your primary application…

Your website page is All right, not very very good. The font appear to be too small. The box colour and the background do not give you a professional or comfortable feeling. Seems too old fashioned and with released logic. Theam can be missing.

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