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I’m part of a community of celebrities and people inside theatre industry in addition to I’m realizing may well benefit many of us to have a few clean, professional looking websites in promoting ourselves. Ideally, I’d like to put together something that seems legitimate, simple, with pages for headshots, reels, and resume text in an easy to read as well as navigate format. Maybe animated menus in the process.

I’m not only a total novice, I recognize the basics with object-oriented languages and Relating to a good head just for this stuff, I studied a little bit of HTML and Java in years past but have forgotten a lot of it as I never ended up putting it to work with. I’m well-versed in Flash. I comprehend the mechanics with webspace, hosting plus bandwidth. What I need are the right resources to improve my knowledge to do a few of the things I stated earlier, and what that will specifically requires my spouse and i. e. Javascript, Display etc. Things being a good book to select up, online tutorials I can read, and application with good bang-for-your-buck, I can’t drop a handsome profit on high-end software yet so a thing that can satisfy my needs without breaking the lender necessarily, if a great thing exists.

Can anyone highly recommend good resources which may have worked for all of them Much thanks ahead.

I’m sort of leaning towards the thought of using WordPress.
For the most part for blogs, it is usually used as your basic CMS webpage too.
There are a gazillion templates that is going to come close to be able to what
you would like… and then believe customize it.

You would need a webhost that has PHP/MySQL…
something cheap like internet. 1and1. com or even www. cleverdot. com

When you are a complete newbie, and just want to secure a website up, feel free to check out my site:.

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