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Definitely everyone,

I have to admit, this is the first time I have definitely dug into implementing Google Analytics (i realize… i know), and I truly finding it intriguing. I think exactly what I find so fascinating is seeing where your traffic is via. Specifically when it relates to the map overlay.

Has anyone in addition tried anything very much alike Google Analytics Honestly, I don’t think I would pay for this kind of service from a different company since Google’s is already free. So if any person has any alternatives that could be worth checking out then please tell me.

Log into your own webhost’s control section (for your website) and decide if they
have a very few different stats programs, like AWSTATS… that’s worth keeping.

Your webhost may well be already doing it for you personally.


Many thanks, I will take a look and see exactly what I find. I use 1and1 incidentally.

Yeah, I truly like Google Analytics also! It’s really interesting to check out where traffic arises from etc. I know that there are different programs (Mint, BLVD, Clicky Web Analytics) around, but some of them cost money.

I just sorted out AWSTATS which is also really helpful. You just ought to try them most out and find which one you like the most.

Another one you could look at is Webalizer… but they haven’t updated that thing in the dog’s age, so I wouldn’t propose it. I’m only including it in to be a suggestion because them meets your price requirements.

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