google gone crazy!?! Why is it indexing my site strange!

search engine gone crazy!! Why can it be indexing the site unusual!

My internet site was stated fine on google and after that recently (last day I’ve noticed) it really is indexing my site seeing that and is particularly missing out and about the first.

This is usually causing the flash menu to stop loading :whats proceeding on

I think you’ll find you have a case of canonization of this url.This within basic caveman terminology (which is usually how we uderstand it) means you’ve two versions of one’s website, the, plus a

Which simply also means you have copied content of one’s own site listed in Google along with search applications.this could or won’t have occured for many reasons, that i have absolutely no control associated with or recognize.All i am aware is, pondered the same problem with my site, and we never bothered to solve it, my spouse and i sold the item instead!

Not to convey you must do this (sell), you might want to get yourself to Google website owner forums and you may be given the answer/s to the problem by folks that are consequently smart, you can easily only possibly be in amazement of there sheer willingness to share their knolledge and guide you straight for totally free.!

WOW, on ever coming back out involving my cavern and taking a look at your site/s…..they aren’t even a similar site!…….The folks at Yahoo and google Webmasters usually are gunna love this place!!!, Nope im going nuts, they will be the same internet site now, you’ve " issues" here my friend.

it’s ok on

A thousands of pardons, it appears i typed in the inappropriate URL, that’sthe reason i obtained two different sites.Therefore, it appears you merely have a super easy case associated with canonization.

Ok I am going to get up to the website owner forums as I dont think We have two versions of my own site on my host.This is actually odd!

Googled ‘Canonization’ in addition to manged to obtain myself ordained! I expect to become the subsequent Pope!

Your Holiness,, i ought to be more particular! again type in cononization url, and then you can find a superior idea, oh yea holy one particular.

At first Posted simply by Frenchiexno1 Ok I am going to get up to the website owner forums because I dont think We have two choices of our site on my node.This is actually odd! A person wont have got 2 variants onthe host.You could have the A SINGLE site which is capableof getting accessed in at the very least 2 techniques.

The regular setup connected with Apache (web server) is perfect for to bring on the exact place while

You may also find your site accessible making use of which often makes a 3rd means.There are usually other ways at the same time but beyond this post to go through each.

To fix this problem simply place a.htaccess (thats correct nothing prior to the.) file from the root world wide web accessible folder on your sebsite using the collofin

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