Google just updated their PR!

Page Rank

Did anyone know that there had been a Pr update on its way I decided not to!!!

I only went through several my websites and noticed the PR adjusted on these folks. attended from PR0 to help PR2 went coming from a PR2 to help PR0

Hmmm, perhaps they just swapped, lol.

Post your own winners in addition to losers these.

Thanks for any updates.Only found this A B D D AGE.COM attended from PR0 to help PR4…

I just obtain site online for approximately 3 months…

Funnily enough i used to be just wondering to me today my partner and i wonder once the next revise is because of.

Had among my weblogs go out of zero to help PR3 as well as that just slight changes along. in addition to each jumped your rank.Thanks for any heads up

Th Pagerank update has got on now!
Use Check Page rank tool to check them.A few of mine usually are changing!!

Google only updated their PR!

Google only updated their pagerank system.For the first time I possess a PR 5 VARIOUS domain! How have it opt for everyone else

Gratz with PR5 lover.

I obtained a PR1 along with PR2 about two brand-new sites (two months old)

Sweet, among my blogs is known for a PR 5 too! Even even though I never have updated it in quite a while.

Nothing evolved yet for me But wishing will change precisely as it keeps modernizing.Just obtained an notify from the search engines about alter in our backlinks while.

One connected with my grownup blogs started only a month backside went coming from PR0 to help PR4!

Namepros is actually down out of PR6 to PR5

My web site journeyed from PR2 to help PR3

In the beginning Posted through xxfireflyxx Namepros is usually down out of PR6 that will PR5 weren’t NP ahead of a PR5

pretty sure it was up that will 6..I could be wrong

Just have it verified…was PR6

Looks For instance Google’s Bringing up-to-date Again (PR)

*Sigh* it’s only a bit scary all the time Google does yet again one with their PR updates.One of my PR4 sites got " demoted" to PR3, only noticed the actual change todaty.Just how sad.

My website from PR2 to PR3
and its a similar PR3

My sites usually are not having make available or poor effect Simply just forgot to market them through some a few months as I got busy inside programming edge.

Yup, same here.Didn’t have much time to market my sites…I thought another update would be sometime all around early Late. went coming from a PR0 to some PR2

This bring up to date is just like the last one for me, as POST see absolutely no changes throughout any connected with my website’s PR.At any rate, I assume Google holds in the deal of bringing up-to-date PR, to get returning your PR4

I got some pr1 on several my names.

2 websites i am handling for any client is already pr2 along with pr1………

now post cant expect plenty of work out of him….

Most connected with my sites have enhanced in PR, but among my PR4 sites went to PR 3.Depressing!

Initially Posted through dezinerite Most of my websites have increased in PR, but among my PR4 sites went to PR 3.Depressing! seasonal affective disorder…but pondered a site go from pr 3 to pr 1 some time back….as soon as pr appeared to be too more than rated…..nonetheless it bounced back in the upcoming update…….

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