Google just updated their PR!Page 2

PR is actually updated.That’s their gift to help us therefore to their 10th wedding.

Stop caring so much about the actual PR that you simply see in the toolbar.This may not be the status Google purposes when dciding exactly what order to help display outcome.

I consider there may perhaps indeed often be an changing.A website which possessed become non-active and that we bought the other day (it is on my personal WhyPark account in the past few nights, with several content), that was still standing number 2 to its (admittedly possibly not very common) search phrase (keyword just like the name of website) suddenly disappeared, evidently very deep into Yahoo index…

my SEVERAL month outdated site bought PR2 to the first replace.i had been expecting PR3 tho nevertheless no complain

PR 0 – PR SEVERAL.So I am happy.

Namepros attended DOWN! They want a PR YOUR FIVE.That sux with regard to NP.POST wonder precisely why they journeyed down nevertheless.NP fantastic site, plenty of high PR back-links, not your spam discussion board like DP.Strange.

NP experienced PR 5 earlier also.It is usually same.

I experienced PR1 now I’m back to zero.Nonetheless another web site has PR2.Wow, I’ve never had PR2 before.

Yep, it’s that month or year again.Maybe it are not as terrible as last Octobers shock.


My service went coming from a pr4 for you to pr5 now gotta focus on getting the actual 6…


i have a very ‘’, it only got pagerank 5

wow that is certainly great to hear many of the page status went up available for you guys.continue the good develop your sites!!!

My software program website obtained PR2 from PR0 in just 2 many months.

It’s a similar old story for folks with some changes right here and at this time there.

One connected with my previous sites uaemirates.details reached pr3 along with new just one blogexchange (see sig) bought pr1.I likewise lost a little pr at undev’d domains.The just one I believed would jump and also the traffic had been Abu Dhabi Weblog which stayed the identical…Overall, it’s a very important thing!


Anyone who seem to had their site strike the PR5 level have to have done a quality work.Congrads about that grade. continued to be pr3
nabaza.details rosed from pr0 to help pr2 became out of pr3 to pr2

Oh, btw, POST went out of PR 0 to PR YOUR FIVE.LOL! As a consequence of Engadget, Gizmodo, in addition to TUAW.

Initially Posted simply by Shan Oh yea, btw, POST went out of PR 0 to PR YOUR FIVE.LOL! As a consequence of Engadget, Gizmodo, in addition to TUAW.Wow, great transfer from 0 to 5.How did they actually it

just obtained my a couple blogs from N/A to help PR2 plus my most important site by PR0 to be able to PR3…they are all TWO months previous.

pr4 r

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