Google Problems, help please!

Yahoo Problems, guide please!

Hello just about all,

Need quite a few hand right here..My web-site won’t show up on the search engines yet it shows up on google’s cache – no results – result!

What may this mean Related to im certainly not banned by means of google..i found it a little while ago online, for a few moments then them dissapeared for a second time.

Any inputs usually are well appreciated, thanks!

It had been last result on 23rd..

If people say regarding the link in the sig I could tell you that you simply get your internet site some content.It’s just one image these days.Improve anyone site and loose time waiting for Google in order to index it and you will probably show up in serps.

thanks for researching it miami-mike..

so yahoo and google doesnt like that im not applying for top site just wind up in google atleast.

google would like to crawl content, possibly not essentially reject pages.

Not only there has to be no content material, but you might be keyword spamming this meta explanation, keywords, the alt text for that image.

Take in which image in addition to write exact html word instead.Fit a piece underneath detailing what people offer.Make your own description a proper description, besides a stringed of search phrases.Don’t decide to put things as part of your keywords meta which have nothing related to the rest of this page.Take advantage of images also, keep this alt text message short and concise.

keyword spamming we didnt knew that’s already spamming didnt repeated the term more than twice.

but ill probably modify the alt text at the moment thanks plenty.

also this planned website will probably be up in in excess of 2months and still have little text involved more pictures, i dont think you will have even text apart from description regarding thats very harmful search enginge right

i should just put it up on google consequently atleast the client can easily see..getting top with the page isn’t my goal.

why don’t you take this text out of your picture and also put the item as text message…

Use yahoo webmasters instrument for assistance.

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