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I am for no reason a profesional freelance web designer, but I prefer to play around with web site design and graphics as a hobby.
My organization is the webmaster for a model aircraft club that i am a person of, here will be my site online world. bmac. org. nz
My question Relating to is I would really like to add your google search container to my internet site, but I do not want to direct people away from my site so I would really like the results to open up in a new page.
Perhaps there is a simple means of doing this
Many of our own club members spend a lot of time on the webpage as I love to keep things updated whenever possible. My Idea is that I would really like to offer club members the danger to use the actual club site as there blog. To do this I think I need to incorporate some things that they must the index site ie: a world wide web search box, (google) also local weather.
Things that is going to normally be discovered on home websites like Yahoo’s website. That way they are able to keep up using club activity and also find the weather does on and also manage to surf the net on the clubs website site, without being directed faraway from the club website.
Any ideas or help is greatly recieved
Cheers Chris

Google accustomed to offer an API… that is going to do something equivalent… Not sure in the event that it available… If you use their basic lookup box.. It’s going to take users to your google search effects page… Running their particular ads, etc.

When you are somewhat knowledgable… Their are scripts that will put on your site that you can setup and configure to locate through just the pages and show results…

As for the weather point… Here in the usa… Weather. com means that you can create an embedded widget to your site… " replicate / paste" their own code… Done… Not sure of what could possibly be available in your town… More than most likely something similar…

There are plenty of sites offering " content items" like you’re preaching about..

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