Google Site Diagnostics Help needed!

Yahoo and google Site Diagnostics Assist needed!

(Hopefully this can be a right section)

When Search engine crawls your sites, sometimes
there will be info below " Internet site Diagnostics"
it looks a bit like this:

http:// business/ -l11016.html Not Observed Sep 3, 2008
http:// view-listing.php id= 351 Definitely not Found Sep ONE, 2008

How, where…do I chose the info to solve this
I’ve dug into the sites under consideration, and can’t
seem to find anything this resembles the particular diagnostics.

Where would certainly that information be based on,
if there isn’t any " links" or perhaps " listings" using the stated info

Any help will be appreciated, thanks

A several questions:

1) Is the site found in The search engines (do a google seek out

2) Was the website previously parked If that’s the case, where

3) Below able for you to verify the positioning with Google

4) Examine what designer tools displays for bots.txt — does this match what you’re using on the site

It appears like it’s looking to crawl internet pages that don’t exist, plus the " perspective listing" indicates a storing page.Like it’s cached the copy plus refuses for you to acknowledge the new subject material.I’ve observed that ahead of, though it may not be what’s occurring so.

I face such problems continuously.I observe links which are not throughout my web page.So MY SPOUSE AND I simply 301 direct the back links to residence or proper pages.This solves the problem for my home.

my guess could be that an individual somewhere possesses tried to connection to these non-existent pages of your respective website (possible older links).enjoying a to do would be to redirect these types of to similar/relevant internet pages that accomplish exist against your site, come back a 404 web page not discovered error, or redirect for your homepage.

Originally Posted by means of enlytend One or two questions:
1) Is the site found in The search engines (do a google seek out yes, the web page is listed.

Originally Posted by way of enlytend 2) Was the website previously parked If that’s the case, where Zero, it’s in no way been parked, it’s 2 years of age.(always already been a directory)

In the beginning Posted by simply enlytend 3) Below able that will verify the positioning with Google Sure, the site has been verified.

Originally Posted by means of enlytend 4) Check out what affiliate marketer tools illustrates for bots.txt — does this match what you’re using on the site Where would I check that

In the beginning Posted simply by enlytend It appears like it’s looking to crawl websites that do not exist, along with the " check out listing" suggests a protecting page.Similar to it’s cached any copy in addition to refuses to be able to acknowledge ones new content.I’ve found that before, though it probably are not what’s happening in this case.Possibly there is how to clear in which cache Or does the item sort once more out

Thanks on your help

Initially Posted by simply shockie this guess would be that someone somewhere has tried to chek out these non-existent pages of your respective website (possible old links).the good thing to do is always to redirect these kind of to similar/relevant pages that can exist on your site, return a 404 page not found error, or redirect to the homepage.Just how do they make it happen and how to stop this

1a) to check your robots.txt in webmaster gear:click " tools" about the left -> just click " study robots.txt"

1b) ooo.additionally under that " tools" section is usually a " take out urls" must go generally there and require removals of the non-existent websites (urls) of one’s site which might be getting associated with.

2) the cache must sort alone out for the reason that google is certain to get a different cache of one’s site gradually.

3) you can not really stop many people from linking to you, but in the event those pages don’t happen to be anyway they really should not be showing ” up ” in se result websites.this total " urls not necessarily found’ thing should be an challenge if there’s said to be pages now there or if you’re linking for a own webpages incorrectly.through the sounds connected with it even though, this is surely an outside issue that does really affect you.

Formerly Posted through mis_chiff http:// online business/ -l11016.code Not Found Sep A COUPLE OF, 2008
http:// online view-listing.php id= 351 Not really Found Sep ONE PARTICULAR, 2008 Just click those hyperlinks and if you do not find any 404 subsequently forget the idea.Sometimes as soon as server won’t responds it tends to start this.

If you decide to do find any 404 subsequently just aim to make a good 404 web page for your web blog.

Thanks for your help
I’ve looked in the site for any reference
to these kinds of links in case I had portion of it within there
somewhere, plus I are unable to find whatever specific.

Could the idea be exactly where someone offers tried to
submit your Deeplink (which We would have refused)
but they have linked to it anyway
Is this a way in with regard to hackers

As extended as it really is nothing negative, I will not worry.
I want to make positive.

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