Graphics Go Bump When Zooming.

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I’m just establishing to study web design and have been obtaining photoshop. I have created some graphics such since buttons and such which i think look fairly good but to be able to my horror the graphics ruin when zooming around or out within firefox. They resemble the colour degree drops to OF SIXTEEN bit and genereally horrible. I have used many gradients and most important ones while making these, is that the issue or is there everthing else i could try as an alternative to redesigning them almost all! Also I drew them with a 1000X1000px canvas in addition to reduced them to size with the ‘save for web’ solution. Any suggestions is appreciated.


Sorry phony alarm, I’m a great idiot my harmful! I was investigating them through DW not through my visitor!

It depends a good deal on what top quality the video source you are looking for is set in order to. Since you mentioned it’s high def. Let me assume the source just isn’t the problem. So then your next thing you have to look at could be the screen you are using. If you are using a top quality CRT then to be fine, but if you work with a LCD screen having a 6bit color gamut you then are losing meaning there big period. I think the top LCDs for pcs employ a 10bit panel. Also when the pixels are much apart that may reduce sharpness as well. Now for this video card, the newest homemade cards have better service for HD video clip hence having an example may be helpful. For example an older cards Ramdac will support a smaller sized color gamut. We’ve a X1900 series card plus it supportsual integrated TWELVE bit per sales channel 400 MHz DACs.

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