Guys what do you think about DMOZ?

Men what do you think about DMOZ

Is it crucial for you to have your internet site listed using them

yeah nevertheless it’s too difficult to get listed.editors will active.

I’ve tried out submitting the URL for around of our sites a couple times, to help no get.

Yeah plus I’ve study some writers are greedy all of which will only set listings ” up ” for $$$.Just do when you search on " DMOZ Editors" and you may see a handful of pages about corruption and also people needing money to help submit bookings..

It’s not really important however it is nonetheless considered incredibly valuable, no less than to website owners.
Many places where people sell sites go as a method (DMOZ listed) MY PARTNER AND I guess it’s a little good indication that your site possesses some authority which is trusted, is usually won’t do too much with SEO ever again.

I thought it absolutely was important.Concerning some with my sites indexed in it very.But I will be not witnessing much variation between those listed as well as ones that happen to be not posted.


It had been important.In terms of I know many SEO pros ignore it (

DMOZ will be as beneficial as almost every other link on worth a great deal.

Even Google is not anymore recognizing that will directory.

Listing in Dmoz can provide you a new backlink.Though the real trouble is acquiring approved by simply Dmoz.The acceptance may require a 100 years

Formerly Posted through weblord yep but it’s too much to find listed.editors will active.He’s right.Still concerning no account and not listed in DMOZ.Its really really hard.

Hard to acquire listed, Concerning tried a number of URLs habitual with zero luck.I truly wish they’d get it sorted out there abit and have it back up a level of quality directory.

One point I didn’t remember, I would certainly happily pay and also to list throughout DMOZ or at least get reviewed, would conserve time in just going back and returning to the web page submitting internet sites which by no means get approved.Someone through DMOZ out there

Its as being a brand and you should utilize your website as Dmoz posted.Remember numerous business utilised word including Government sanctioned transporter as well as other things in the process.Similarily within our business classified by Dmoz act similarily.

Just fit your WEB SITE to now there, if you can be lucky plenty of than you will definitely get approval.Nevertheless google offer extra value to Dmoz posted websites.

I constantly thought its better spend time for you to exchange buttons with similar sites rather then try to get into DMOZ.Now even Google as offered up the idea.

Formerly Posted by simply weblord yes but it’s way too hard to obtain listed.editors will active.Yes that’s the biggest issue at this time…I include tried for good to find listed..


DMOZ is considered one of solution for getting your site indexed by Yahoo and google directory.This really is an advantages, but I can see some of the people listed throughout DMOZ wouldn’t perform effectively in these serps.

We decided not to get the site posted when it absolutely was hosted together with MSN business group.When we moved to be able to another coordinator and became ride with all the different crappy code that ms generated most of us got listed instantly.

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