Having trouble editing current website files

Not long ago i bought a site business from a web based friend, and I’m having plenty of trouble editing existing files. For case in point, on the website, there is a summary of websites that are generally like mine. When i tried to add a niche site to the list, the code doesn’t manifest right. It’s much like the code is destroyed somewhere, and that layout is most of messed up.

This is what I do when i want to modify a page with my website:

-Open existing file for which page on this computer in notepad
-make the required changes
-save to be a new. txt document
-open in the browser to verify code
-upload to my FTP, and then look at website

All the time I do this specific, it doesn’t emerged right. Then I have to upload the old file to mend it.

What am WHEN I doing wrong Any ideas Well then , i’ll know if any info is wanted, thanks so considerably!

The file extension is significant.

Are you sure the proxy is. txt, or maybe should it end up being. html

Oftentimes, your text publisher alters the filename…
Case in point: index. html may become index. html page. txt

Also CAPS in addition to small letters make a difference too.

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Interesting that link is for an Australian corporation, but you reside in California

Thank you for your answer back!

I found what I was doing wrong, and I feel like an idiot right now, so I’ll maintain your explanation to by myself

Many thanks again!

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