header,nav bar 100% length

How one can make header and also navigation bar 100% time-span, and all various other content fixed size. I usualy decide to put everything in wrapper, but i listened to that its not good to place header and nav pub outside wrapper With thanks

You can easily put your direction-finding and header outside of the main wrapper plus specify 100% with the width.

The remaining content may be placed in the main wrapper then designate the width for it.

It is a common design I have seen lots of and have applied myself. I don’t see any reason why you shouldn’t or couldn’t take advantage of this technique.

i do think somebody told my family that site crumbles apart if accomplish so. but in comparison with again maybe when i didnt hear in which, am not positive. i am new in website design. i will set header outside, today. THANKS for taking your time to answer the question.

Get Firebug with regard to Firefox and watch some websites that are fitted with this layout you would like. Firebug will assist you easily see the actual code and figure out how they do it.

A lot of blogs utilize format you would like and they likewise extend the footer to get 100%

My website employs this format so you can check it out if you wish.

i sooo want to, where can post see your internet websites

Click on my own name then select site.

wow, you are expert, i hope i will contact you if i cant slove issue again

when you scale a site with elements on 100% it doesnt scale properly outside of a div. it is a problem that prompts the within only style. to renovate this just allow it to be

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