Howdy all. WDF appears to be a great community!. Here is slightly BG on myself. I have generally been into programming since concerning the mid 1980’s. Currently I am an IT job. Before that I became always a pc nerd. As far as website design goes, I started affiliate marketing about 5 typical. Now I handle the many web stuff with the day job.

Lately, I bought a domain name which had expired quite some time back. I hope to make a hosting in addition to design business to make and take note $$$. I look forwards helping out during WDF where I’ll. I am also eager to master what I have no idea about web style and design.


We all try our best on WDF.
There’s been some previous discussions about affiliate internet marketing.
You will be able to reply questions about that later on.

Hey now there DJS, I am innovative to these forums as well.
They will look pretty fine imo too.

In most cases I have solely been designing design for websites.
Freelance ofc… But I was looking to learn a little more about the scripting plus hosting of sites in the process.. and I hear that WDF is a place to find out.

I have been into programming, contrary to popular belief since the middle of the 80’s. I have recently been into PHP for about Several years and them really rocks when joined with MySQL.

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